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Hey, Jimmy Day here! On track to become the first Masters Racer age 50+ to compete in all four UCI international and all five USA Cycling championships in a single year. 3 down, 6 to go! At age 60, I’ve set a hell of a goal for myself, racing against ex-professionals, ex-Olympians, and amateur champions in 9 races in 5 different cycling disciplines (road racing, criterium, time trial, mountain biking, and cyclo-cross—yeah, that’s 5 different types of bicycles with 5 different training regimes!) in 4 countries.

But, I’m sure motivated and encouraged by placing in the top 10 in my first three target races in 2014: the UCI Masters World Cyclo-Cross, USA Masters Cyclo-Cross, and UCI Tour of Winston-Salem. And in the last race, I qualified for the UCI Masters Road World Cycling Championships in Slovenia in August. A BIG DEAL!

So, welcome to my world! I’ll be blogging here on my adventures from time to time. And racing ‘a bloc’ (all out), as the French say. But no matter what, I’m gonna have fun. There’s just no way I’m done yet.

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